To what extent are souls torn apart? If the physical journey must end, it is said that the soul does not want to stop crossing. He continued to hover. Even death never makes the soul perish. He went apart from the body because there was a more eternal place to remain in infinite life. Occasionally it was thought to be a curious ghost and haunted those who did not diligently pray novena and forgot to do Tri Sandhya.

Despite continuing to wander, the soul is thought to be tireless. Then who does not allow someone to be tired of the soul? God sometimes makes us resign the innocent who refuses if the remaining soul is empty. The opposite cause when the soul is in zero condition, God has room to enter within ourselves. Also who wants to allow soullessness? He said the void was a ticket that was included in submission and submission. The moment when God will truly come.

In addition, don’t be afraid to accept those of us who are mentally ill. Because maybe we know. Try to occasionally not need anything by not changing jobs. Everything doesn’t need to be felt. Because taste is a soul prison. Yes, for those who live in the world of the world, the feeling is only the deception of the soul. Hate is a part of the soul that does not want to accept shortcomings. Revenge is a part of the soul that does not forgive. Envy is a grateful soul. All love for lovers who are accepted as romantics is a threat to those who are afraid of someone. At this point of consciousness, the soul has been fulfilled by a million meanings.

But still, no one can fill the soul full. Should a glass be hollow so that water can fill you? The highest success only if you rise from your bankruptcy? Will the new alms multiply when giving when it is daddy? Sin can collapse on an empty stomach and the passions linger? Recitation rises when the ego disappears and the heart only reads His name? Love must also be thrown away so that this heart hurts If we love finally arrive at the hug.

In soul odyssey journal people often search for heights. To think that a soul that rises into the sky can be pursued broodly at the top of a mountain. Up there we always get God’s voices that can be given faster in the lowliness of the city in a multi-storey building? It could be on the mountain, we really oppose, never find a direct solution. But as soon as he saw the beauty that he created, humans were suddenly made and grateful as if they were free from the complexity of life.

Expelling the complexity of life, the motivators say, is simple: don’t care about being present in your mind every time. Because what is in the mind is not the soul that plays a role. The soul is not complicated. Even if it is considered intricate, invite the soul to accept everything in front of you as a gift. Like here who doesn’t expect rain but in fact comes all season. While the other side there is asking for rain, don’t come. If the two hopes are both granted, whatever is certainly a gift from God is not it.

Why do you have to say a prize? It can only be done if you don’t see the rain, only water drops. No longer enough to stare at a variety of items: fast, like pancakes, to small balls. The manifestation is that only water falls but the rain is not that simple. The language is the process of condensing water into water. Among the precipitation only rain is in the form of liquid. Others also descend on land but not liquid and are not found here: snow, ice and slits. To get down to earth, the water grain must feel heavy enough to fall to land. It’s the same, first need to feel heavy to put something that can’t.

Like the soul, rain is just as mysterious. For Herat farmers in Afghanistan who have not been able to withstand rain without four years, the objection to water vapor has become very necessary to immediately reduce it. On the other side of Atacama, the driest desert in the world that has been quiet for no rain for 500 years, the unwaited rain suddenly descended in November 208 and instead gave the article a mass extinction to thousands of living beings. Rejected? How come. Nature must be able to bear it.

And Nagekeo, East Sumba, Malacca, and Sabu Raijua in Indonesia, are slow because the rice fields dry up without rain which is only too late for the season. So betullah if the difficulties and shortcomings of life are not the extent of luck and ease of our lives. It’s just how the soul sees it because the body always sees rain not coming as misery. Though all are gifts. Only an independent soul can take it that way.

For all prizes, is there a chance for the soul to choose only for things that feel good? Not so. If there is, why is it painful, painful, or unbearably wounded, that man successfully educates his own soul? The peddlers have long persuaded us to be patient for our pain because the ending is happiness. After all, if we don’t want to go through that, the soul education by God will continue. The show must go on. So, there is no kelit, there is no escape, just go ahead anyway?

If said Ki Hajar Dewantara, the purpose of education is to print free people. He is someone who is able to develop fully and harmoniously from all aspects of humanity who are able to respect and respect the humanity of everyone. If one of the successes of education, privately, is to liberate one’s soul, then it is true that misery exists. We, and a number of big names in the universe are always through pain, pain for success.

Kartini just passed it. He is an example of a super-successful self-educator intended by Ki Hajar Dewantara. Pain due to deep disappointment and abysmal whipping, had been overtaken for the sake of educating himself. But Kartini noted it as the highest self and soul victory. History knows that many failures were accepted by Kartini. He fought for many things, ironically all he could not enjoy himself.

Of all the failures, the most sad is failing to continue school. Unmitigated after failing to go to HBS Semarang, he also failed to go to the Netherlands. If it is reached, these two schools are exactly what their brother, Sosrokartono, achieved. Not only that, the ticket to a replacement school in Batavia did not come. The reason for one of them is very painful: it is not just prohibited or without the blessing of parents, but adat is the highest wall; noble women seemed to be prepared just to become Raden Ayu.

Even though the expectations of the Trinil-call are small-simple; want to be a teacher. “I want to be educated as a teacher. Want to reach two diplomas, namely a low school teacher’s diploma and a head teacher’s diploma. “In addition, he wants to study nursing and health sciences. Disappointed? Very! When his father did not allow him to go to Semarang, Kartini shut himself up for days in his room. But she was a strong woman, the reading sent by her father and sister became a little medicine. Kartini continued to study on her own because she argued that education for women, similar to capital, builds the human soul: “She (the woman) who can help increase the most levels of human decency.”

Actually Kartini’s intention to continue her education was openly open. The application for a scholarship he submitted to the Dutch Government through Ir H H Van Kol, a member of the 2de Committee, was received on November 26, 1902. Note; it’s only 3 days after he got married! But the consideration of Abendanon influenced Kartini’s decision. Abendanon seduced him to go to school in Batavia only. Even Abendanon allowed Kartini to open a school without a diploma. But while waiting for certainty to be able to go to school in Batavia, came the Rembang Regent’s application which later became her husband. Again, he is sore! Adat which makes it subject to customary domination and men, is obeyed.

When the peak was sore, painful, and wounded, Kartini treated herself. She is a woman who really means the word “extraordinary.” How not? It was precisely his initiative to provide scholarships which had been prepared for him and his younger brother, to a young man named Agus Salim, a HBS student from Riau, Sumatra, who wanted to learn to become a doctor in the Netherlands. Funds for him amounting to f 4,800 based on Gubernamen’s decision on July 7, 1903, suggested that Agus Salim be used. There is another thing called sacrifice; Kartini is still trying to find a shortage fund of f 3,200 from other people!

Is this what is called a failure in Kartini’s life? No! This is the greatness of the soul that only educated people have! I think Kartini is the winner of the life test of all education in this world. He missed all the public paths to become educated humans, precisely for the sake of others to get education. He wants people to be happy as he says; “Make us happy, by making happiness for others who have the same desires, feelings, and ideals as us.”

Can you do that? You can, if your education has exceeded its limits. In view of the success of education pursued by people with prestige or for the sake of social status, Kartini exemplifies how humans must obtain all educational goals by liberating our own lives first. He also dismissed the measure of the success of education of a person from a degree held or a profession according to his level in society. As he said: “Suffice to suffer pain for the happiness of others, so our souls are free and free.”

But when the soul is independent, the soul does not mean being impartial? It is tethered to a place even though it can be everywhere even in a ‘wrong’ place. Siding with the primacy of life does not always take on the right side. There are times when you need to guard the truth by being on the wrong side. Come on who dares to take the risk of being on the wrong side? It’s ambiguous but the reality of life demands us to be so wise.

It’s hard to give an example of how partiality cannot be met with one another. Moreover, of course there is a correct basis in both. In fact, even on the wrong side, something is still felt right. So, the soul who chooses to take sides is no longer talking about right and wrong. But how was the soul placed there to guard, as a marker, as a reminder.

In wayang, Punakawan is placed as a warrior / reminder for humans on both sides, wrong and right. At least look at the Bagong figure from Ki Lurah Badranaya and Togog from the Ki Lurah Togog group. These reminders are both struggling in their territory. There is nothing to blame. If Bagong and Semar, Gareng, and Petruk accompany the Bendhara (master), which has a commendable character, all can enter it in reason. Isn’t the truth true? But why is Togog and Bilung in charge of accompanying his Damhara with durangkara characteristics like Prabu Dasamuka in Alengka?

It does not mean to justify mistakes, but that is how the soul works. Although on the wrong side, but Togog and Bilung served as glorious with the justifiers: they prevented durangkara, dwindled in lara lapa, left bad character, and negative lust. This is as glorious as the Bagong assignment and friends who whispered the virtues in life. That’s how the soul wanders.From throughout my discussion of soul wandering, Erica Hestu Wahyuni ​​whom I met first at the 2014 Indonesian Art Market (PSLI) event in Surabaya, confirmed the eternal determination according to our twins. To what extent, we ourselves determine it. The flow of naivism pinned on the 1971-born painter’s works provides a simple experience of children’s dreams and imagination that can be entered by only spreading the soul.

For a door to an eternal soul, Erica provides an instant alternative what if we want to be young forever. Together with Erica, I saw the blossoming of this extraordinary artistic genius that made someone feel like a long-lived person to old age. I remember this conclusion from the writings of Thomas Dormandy in his book “Old Masters: Great Artist in Old Age”. That statement further made sense of why they in the art world continued to survive until now.

From my private view, by working with Erica and the artists, I reject old age. That’s why they continue to be involved in the arts. They shed the idea of ​​creativity as an antidote to the physical or mental decline that people often fear. Thomas said, while working the artists explored a strong inner shift in old age so that it was pushed to new heights. Just remember Monet who painted “Water Lilies” when he was almost blind after cataract surgery, or Matisse found pieces of paper in recent years when limited to beds and wheelchairs. Brilliant!

Through Erica who carried the “The Soul Odyssey Journal” I remembered the idiom “Art Makes You Younger”. It really fits with the mission of refusing old people with art, without botox, without lifting without plastic surgery. At least the more I see him getting older – not to be called old – (in body), he is getting younger (in soul). Yes, you become better with age! Aside from Erica, many exhibitions of artists aged 80 years and over prove anecdotal between longevity and creative production in the arts.

Those who are happy to be called “Old Masters” have been enjoying gallery and museum exhibitions for the past year. Among them Wayne Thiebaud (92) in Acquavella, Robert Irwin (84) at Pace, Anthony Caro (89) at the Yale Center for British Art, Malcolm Morley (81)) at the Parrish Art Museum, Yayoi Kusama (84) at Whitney Whitney, Alex Katz (85) at Yale School of Art. There was John Baldessari (81) exhibiting at Marian Goodman, and Philip Pearlstein (89 years old on May 24) at Betty Cuningham.

Thornton Dial (85) instead is traveling to several museums in America. At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Jaspers was putting up his work when he was 83 on May 15, 2019, or Betye Saar (86) who was filling the room of the National Academy Museum with its bird cages, and an exhibition by Claes Oldenburg (84) currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

In them I am observing that being an artist is a way of life. At least that is learned from the way Faith Ringgold, 82, is holding a single show, June 2019, at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. and just closed it at the ACA Gallery. He believes that art is not about someone who majored in art and then got an art degree and then worked in the world of art and pensions.

"What I am doing now will not be imagined five years ago. I want to think that five years from now I might do something I can't imagine now, "he said enthusiastically.

Duane Michals, 81, who just held a show at the DC Moore Gallery called his admiration for the way artists evolved.

While Michelle Stuart, who has just reached 80 years of age and is currently displaying sculptures, and her photography work from 1968 to the latest at the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, New York said that experience in art is important. Yes, a little or a lot, it gives us insight into things we didn’t have in the early years. Yes, art makes a person make more things, sharpens skills, experiences more events, and receives more criticism and praise.

“Being an artist makes you not have to worry about what people think. There is such freedom in art, “he said. Yes, right! Especially when I realize that time is very limited, so why spend time doing work that we think is not important? Works like a way to do the important thing. Especially in the work itself, the artist knows who he is as a human being. All processes are part of self-acceptance.

In this way – according to me – artists work as if they want to create the Garden of Eden (a small paradise) for themselves. Only the soul is able to penetrate the Garden of Eden which is said to only be mentioned in Aklitab. In the Garden of Eden, there is a place for ourselves. We don’t have to succeed. We don’t have to be famous. We do not have to have any obligation except self-development itself which is offered for a better universe.

Wait, but this is risky, you know. ‘Unfortunately’, living a risky life seems to be a common feature among these artists. Though the risk is not borne only in old age but throughout life! Plus the risk of fun being young. From the contact with Erica who is increasingly intimate with each other, there is no fear that art can only risk making someone younger. Who doesn’t want to?

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I’m even more with Michelle’s more extreme opinion: the life of an artist is like a ‘gambler’. “Who else will live without work, without credit, without severance pay? We must have that extra-small adventure if we want to stay young. “Are you ready? Only an independent soul and want to wander is a risk that can be conquered. Again this is about an independence of the soul. Then there is no other, freeing that soul. , calm him down.

Because the true soul is never truly inside. He doesn’t choose everywhere but it’s definitely everywhere. Often the soul is assumed to be in the sky and just waiting for the body to be embedded in the ground when the time comes. The soul first knows when he must no longer accompany the body. Are we dead at that time, is it done, is it finished? In fact it isn’t. At that time we were left by those who left, preferring to say that the soul of our lover who preceded it had calmed down.

With God the owner of the soul, they are eternal. When compared with exercise, peace of mind becomes more expensive than anything. It is thousands of times more than the value of the body which is quickly reversed by certain circumstances. Politics alone makes shucks and tadpoles group themselves into two hostile forces. Even though it’s obviously not necessary, it is obscene and makes you embarrassed.

Why a calm soul is more sought after than a happy body? See when the body is not busy tasting when abstaining from eating and drinking during fasting full moon and tilem for Hindus, Rajab for Muslims, or uposatha every six months for Buddhists. Fasting may be merely a physical matter that is controlled. But why did God offer spiritual blessings there? Because the soul feels the pleasure, the body supports the passion.

So there is no need to be afraid of the complexity of life that occurs. Actually the soul still feels good at that time. Yes indeed if there is a scan of the mind, the brain might definitely not be able to be drawn. Weigh for mercy. All crossings are there. Check swimmers. The codes cannot be clearly read. All want to be crammed into the head. To the extent that a hat or veil can be tight because of it. It must be admitted because a lot of simple things can not be that simple if you only invite the body to bear them. Need a helping soul.

Is it always possible? Absolutely not. We just need to be honest if we can’t afford to be good-looking, in fact there are many who are available in the chest that are ready to explode. Believe me, precisely because the soul knows that, there will be a way to unravel it. When the soul knows where all the directions of bad thoughts come in, we can simultaneously push the unnecessary bad thoughts out. In short, because the soul is aware that something is wrong, we can find a solution.

But is it easy for us to get in and out of being so? Still not. But the effort to dissolve the feeling as far as possible and then be withdrawn to meet the door to completion is a full effort that must be done. The soul struggles. So we may be absurdly responsible for not being able to stop misery but always long for the pleasure of the soul that continues to be sought.That is why humans then make schemes when the body is imprisoning itself. The hustle and bustle that was made tricked into rhythm. Riuh that is heard in the ears, is captured as a confessor of silence. Impossible huh? But it is evident that we will know which one is quiet if we don’t know how the shrill one is deafening, noisy, noisy, noisy, loud!

Soul tranquility is only us who mix it. Not immediately present if we do not make it. Let me be busy, so that it is crowded, so that it is noisy, so it will be difficult, so that it will be chaotic, it does not mean if it is no longer the ear that measures. Just take it easy. Bend your head, raise your tongue bent to the ceiling, valve your lips, close your eyes, then the qolbu that will take over becomes solemn in the natural world. Take a quite road. Take a quiet road!

Heti Palestina Yunani

Journalists, essayists, mother with two kids: Afghanistan and Vatikan